• Avoid extreme ambient temperatures. Your Apple Laptop – either the MacBook or MacBook Pro –  will work at its best from 10° to 35° C. There are some cases (plastic) that will generate heat that’s more than normal, and you might need to take the laptop out the case first before charging. Only when the device or laptop returned to a “normal” temperature, you can put it back to charge.

Battery Percentage in MacBook Pro

  • One rule of thumb we’d need to follow always is to keep a close eye on the important things. The Battery usage is one of them, maybe showing the percentage won’t extend the battery life of your Apple Laptop, but you will be able to know how long it lasts and when is 100% to unplug the MagSafe charger. To activate this, hover the mouse on top of the “battery icon” on the top of your screen. Click “Ctrl” at the same time and you’ll see “Show Percentage” at the bottom of the dialog screen.
  • If your MacBook or MacBook Pro has got in contact with any liquid would be a fact that all components maybe were damaged in some way. Please do not put your Apple Laptop onto the charging plug, this could damage the battery further (just in case the battery was safe after being in contact with water or any other liquid).
  • Is always a good idea to have the latest OS X Operating System in your Apple Mac Laptop or device because very often in the packet are also included superb energy-saving technologies that will make your machine perform better. That is done automatically by your Apple Computer. However, some earlier models of Apple Mac are being pushed too hard by El Capitan (Latest OS X in June 2016 when we write this). So, if you would like us to advise if is a good idea to upgrade your Apple Mac (years 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015) send us an email to [email protected] or call 01252 375167.
  • If you are not using your Bluetooth or WiFi you could turn them off as they consume energy. You can do this on the Status Menu bar or in Network Preferences.
  • Quit Applications that are running in the background and are not in use. Applications are always using energy even though it doesn’t appear to be active. That is also a good idea for better overall performance of your Apple Computer as those Applications are also using some of your Memory Ram. If you don’t use it, do not run it.
  • If you connect your iPhone, iPad or any external device via USB to your Apple MacBook or MacBook Pro. Make sure your Apple Laptop is connected to the power at the same time. Why? Because the external device may drain your battery faster than normal. This way of charging your external devices might cause battery damage onto your MacBook during an extended period.

Energy saver MacBook Pro System preferences(1)

  • When you are away from your Apple Mac is a good idea to put it to Sleep. In this way, you can save energy because it will consume less power from your battery. To see the Energy Saver Pane you go to >System Preferences >Energy Saver and then choose after how long of inactivity the “Sleep Mode” is activated. It is faster for your Mac to come back from Sleep Mode than to switch on and off every time.

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