Liquid damaged MacBook Air keyboard

We’ve had received a MacBook Air this morning with a liquid damaged keyboard. We’ve asked the lady what happened. And she explained that her young grandson spilt water on the MacBook Air’s keyboard.
She tried to clean it with a cloth but, the water spread even more to the keyboard. We asked what did she do first. Because, as a rule of thumb, is a good idea to turn the MacBook Air upside down. So the water won’t spread inside. We informed that AppleCare does not cover the water damage. Right after we’ve got the chance to open the MacBook air, we will be able to give a full diagnostic. We must disconnect the battery first of all. And we need to make sure not electricity is running on the logic board.
It was pretty obvious to say to hear that liquid and electricity is not a good combination. But, we couldn’t say that to a distressed customer. We must control our words because we do care for the customer always.
It’s a good idea to make sure your hands are dry before trying to stop the liquid to spread all over the Mac. If you touch the Apple laptop you’d need to make sure you’ve got dry hands or even a dry cloth at hand. The water could damage further the laptop’s keyboard. And it could go through to get in contact with the logic board underneath.
And, how to fix a MacBook Air after a liquid spillage? No, calling Apple is not the right answer. They will try to convince you that the laptop’s logic board is useless and they will need to replace it.
We can actually, at Apple-Bay we will repair the part that damaged by liquid down to component level. Remember, the genius bar repair costs sometimes are sky high.
Would you please do not hesitate to get in touch with Apple-Bay. We are at Unit J Linsford Business Park, Linford Lane, Mytchett – Camberley, Surrey GU16 6DJ. You can call us on 01252 375167 or 07511532360. Get in touch or bring it to our shop.
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