Computer and laptop Grading System (Refurbished)

We use a simple grading system to identify the computers or laptops we’ve got for sale (refurbished).

This is the general and cosmetic condition of each machine at the moment they are ready to be sold to our customers.

We do our best to please all our clients in every transaction. We graded our machines with total honesty and based on our vast experience with Apple Mac Computers.

New: The computer or laptop on offer is brand new, never used and is in its original packaging.

  • Grade A: Excellent general condition and in perfect working order. There is, however, the slightest possibility that some marks due to just a bit of wear and tear.
  • Grade B: Good condition, is likely to have scratches or some marks. There is not, however, any missing parts. The battery life is not guaranteed, the laptop, in this case, will hold a charge for regular use. It may have had security markings removed.
  • Grade C: This is the kind of computer or laptop we use in the shop and office. Reasonably in good condition will have, however, scratches and possible dents.
    • Where applicable, screens may have faint scratches not affecting normal use whatsoever.
    • Pressure marks on the screen that is barely noticeable to the user.
    • Minor scuffs or marks on the screen but not affecting normal use.
    • The battery life is not guaranteed, but the laptop, in this case, will hold a charge for regular use.
    • May have had security markings removed.
    • May have a slightly faulty latch.
  • Grade D: The computer or laptop cosmetic condition is damaged, but the item will still function normally. Will usually have a crack or noticeable dent. (NOT ALL THE FOLLOWING FAULTS WILL OCCUR, BUT IT MAY HAVE ONE OR TWO)
    • Parts may be missing.
    • May have cracks on plastic, usually around hinges.
    • May have major scuffs or scratches on the screen.
    • It may have cosmetic damages to the display bezel.
    • The battery life is NOT guaranteed, but the computer or laptop will still hold a charge.
    • May have had security marking removed by our technicians.
  • Grade E: This computer or laptop would be damaged or faulty. This is an item that we won’t advertise for sale.
    • If you find it, please check the item description for more information.
    • It may have had security markings removed.


We call “wear and tear” when the machine had a reasonable use, for instance, any faint markings on the computer or laptop or just a slight wear on the keyboards keys.

“security markings” there are many occasions where we got the machines from huge corporations that mark with any security device their computers. As those companies have hundreds of them in their inventory. After they decommissioned from their inventory those security markings are scratched off. This, of course, doesn’t affect functionality in any way, but may reduce the aesthetic appearance of the computer or laptop.

“scuffs” we call it to a mark of the size of a 5p coin or thumbprint.