All Apple Mac Computers get old with time, and time affects everyone. This is true for all animals, human beings, buildings, songs, you name it. And with age, everything starts to slow down. You may notice that all performance slows down and tasks that before were easy and smooth now is taking ages to do.

If you are thinking, “my iMac is running slow” “my iMac is slow to start” or “why is my iMac so slow?”, “why is my iMac running so slow lately?”.

Based on our experience, we think that there are more than five reasons why this is happening to your Mac. However, we’d like to name below just a few.

In the meantime, after you read our Article. We must tell you that with a Solid State Hard Drive, you can speed up your Mac again and give extra life to your machine. It will perform fast, reliable and secure again. Why? Keep reading….

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1. Slow motion. Your Hard Drive is getting full.

If you’ve got too much information or too much clutter on your disk that has been accumulated over the years. It is time for a good clean up. This data is causing a strain in your hard drive. We know that this is not an easy task. Because, most of the time, we don’t know how much information we’ve got exactly, or how to decide between films, photos and music or folders with documents? Do I have to delete everything?

Bear in mind that, even after you’ve identified all the folders and documents you’d be willing to remove, you will need to clean your system too. We don’t recommend any of the cleanup tools like CleanMyMac. The use of this kind of tools could damage your entire Hard Drive. It sounds excellent on paper, but, it may delete some valuable information or part of your Operating System automatically. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us; we will give you a Free Assessment.

2. Possible Outdated Operating System

It sounds like you have 100% control of your iMac, MacBook Pro, MacPro, MacBook Air, MacMini all the time. But, your Mac OS X (Apple’s Operating System) has control of it. This control is vital to the smooth performance of your Mac computer.

Every 6 to 12 months, Apple typically releases updates to its OS X. Even if it doesn’t fully update it with a new name. They will release security patches or updates for it. Even if you think, as many Mac users do, that the Operating System (the latest is Sierra OS X) will slow down your Mac, it is critical that at least the security updates are up to date.

If you’d like to update your OS X, you don’t have to purchase anything, just click on your “App Store”. You will find it either in your Applications folder or at the bottom of your screen in your “Dock.” When the window opens, you will see on the top right-hand corner the “Updates”. You just click on that and check on the list, what updates you can use.

3. Startup is slow, seriously slow.

When you startup your Mac, you don’t usually notice that many software and other applications are starting to run in the background at that precise moment. Well, this is not only happening at the startup, but they will also continue running all the time that you’re using your Mac.

We suggest you give a superb clean to the login items section; your Mac will be very grateful of all the weight you’re going to take off.

Again, please do it manually and do not use software like CleanMyMac, it could damage your hard drive and data. Or get in touch with us on 01252 375167 we will be delighted to assist.

4. Too much going on, at the same time

How many things can you juggle with only one hand? 3, 4 or maybe six things? Is not only how much you can handle, but you also need to still do work at the same time you have that stuff in your one hand. That maybe is asking too much. So, imagine your computer, doing the same thing. If it is too much to juggle it will get into trouble pretty fast.

So, try always to be aware of what you are running in the background, you could go and see if yourself. Just go to Finder > Applications and click on Launchpad you will find something called “Disk Utility”. Here you will see what is being used by you (user) and by the Operating System.

If you need assistance cleaning or clearing what is continuously running in the background, do not hesitate to get in touch.

5. Maybe is time for a change?

This point is not easy. Is not easy to tell somebody that you need to get rid of your old Mac and replace it with something newer. Why? Because the Apple Mac is such a fantastic piece of technology that ‘s hard to say goodbye after so many good years.

However, you’d need to consider that having an upgrade is what you’d need. But, you’d need an expert assessment first. What happen usually and this is an opinion based on what our customers told us over the years. And more than once, they have gone to the Apple Store, and they have been told that this or that other fault is too expensive to repair, or, not worthy of a fix and they try to sell a brand new Apple Mac. If it is a brand new Apple Mac Computer is what you’d need, we say, fair enough. Go ahead. But in most cases, it is still the chance of a repair. We have had hundreds of customers over the years that they’ve encountered themselves in a similar situation. So, please do not hesitate to come over to our shop for a FREE Assessment and the best advice possible after that.

Is Your Mac Slow? Go Here to Sort it Out!